Black Friday Offer Suggestions

Black Friday is upon us yet again.
Rather than prepare generic offers, I have decided to seek the opinion of the current community.
Every suggestion offered will be taken into account and, if possible, will be available as a black Friday offer even if that means making only 1 lucky stock available.

So, the question I would like to ask the community today is:
What offer/s would you like to see for black Friday and at what price range?


Thanks for letting us give such opportunity! I don’t really have any needs except for storage… so for me I’m looking to have storage plans with crazy prices. Starting from 250GB @ 2$/m or less sounds good to me.

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Thanks for your input.
Your request will be taken into consideration when preparing the plans and if possible, will be offered.

Very few suggestions?
If there are others, it would be great to hear them.

As part of our BF offers, there will also be a one day flash sale “BOGOF” applicable for purchases from our main sites. Promotional plans will not be included in this offer.
Suggestions are still welcome.

Super cheap or even free DirectAdmin license for existing package that is below £5/m :rofl:

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Thanks @FAT32
Direct admin is a huge expense with little to no profits. I doubt that would be possible.
It is available free for existing packages over £5/m.
The BOGOF (buy one, get one free) deal planned will in effect be extremely cheap.

I see, I actually plan to try out DirectAdmin but didn’t have any package over the limit, never know it actually costs a lot on your side. Will be looking forward to BOGOF then.

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