NAT VPS and port forwarding

With your HostDoc NAT KVM, you will be able to access your server with forwarded ports on your shared IP address.

Quick Start

The shared IP is:
Internal Gateway:

If your internal IP is 10.255.58. 189 then your dedicated SSH port is 189 22:

ssh root@ -p 18922
How this works

If your internal IP is, for example, then you will have the following ports forwarded:

12322 - Dedicated SSH port
12300 through 12320 - Forwarded to ports 12300-12320 on your VPS

If your IP is then your ports would be 12422 for SSH, and then 12400-12420 forwarded.

Custom Ports

At this stage, we don’t have a way to add custom ports, however, they may be possible if you contact us, but it’s by no means guaranteed due to a number of factors

HTTP Forwarding

If you want to forward your website (HTTP port 80 only at this point, 443/HTTPS may come later) then please open a ticket or contact us on live chat with your domain details and we will add that to an nginx reverse proxy running on the shared IP gateway.