RAID NVMe/SSD Questions

Hey mates,

As an amateur i’ve been looking to set up raid for home pc to mitigate data loss after a painful HDD crash from tripped breaker.

at the same time i take this as a fun experiment to see which is faster or more reliable.

based on what i’ve read, for SSD it isnt really suitable for hardware raid?

in anycase which is better:


Hardware RAID or not?

Should the OS be part of the raid, or as a standalone SSD? (P.S. im done with HDDs)

and since in a home system, the motherboard should count towards overall performance / stability?

By default its gonna be windows 10, but i have fedora 30 on laptop and find it nice, so windows 10 / centos are fine.

Any tips are welcome.

Leaving my (first and very opinionated) answer here: Hardware RAID isn’t suited for your life. As in: Software RAID will cause way less headaches in the long run and tend to be quite a bit more performant. I’d put the OS on a separate SSD RAID, but that’s just me.